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At Grand Harmony Vibrational Medicine, we’re proud to offer our members high-quality crystals from around the world.  In recent years, crystals have experienced a surge in popularity, owing to the great spiritual awakening we currently find ourselves in.  Crystals for healing* purposes are particularly sought-after right now, as more people explore alternative methods of health and wellness.  But why crystals you might ask?  Here,, we will explore the use of crystals among many classical traditions, examine the ways in which their healing properties express themselves, and why it is important to ensure that your crystals are natural and untreated.  We’ll also discuss some of the most common treatments applied to crystals today (including exposure to gamma radiation!), and some ways to spot them.


Crystals in Classical Traditions

One need not look far to find prevalent use of crystals and gemstones in classical traditions, such as in Ayurveda (Vedic gemology connects the vibrational qualities of specific gemstones with various astral bodies in the cosmos).  Daoist Chinese Medicine, known primarily for its herbal remedies, and acupuncture treatment using the energy meridian pathways of the human body, also has a lesser-known component of Stone Medicine, where Daoist Priests used various crystals and minerals for addressing physical, emotional, and mentals symptoms of disease, and also for spiritual initiation rites1.  Even in the Bible, we see numerous mentions of crystals use for various applications; notably, the 12 precious stones on the breastplate of the High-Priest, Aaron for protection (Exodus 28:16-20).  Many researchers of subtle vibration researchers today believe than ancient Egyptians were the most knowledgeable in terms of applying and understanding the concepts of subtle vibrational science, and crystals played an integral part in their applications.  The Great Pyramids of Giza were built with quartz-bearing granite.  Quartz is a natural amplifier of energy.  Research conducted by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry suggests that these Pyramids were built on Ley line crossings and were built with the intention of amplifying these beneficial subtle vibrations, both on the Earth, and in the sky.

The Spiritual Significance of Crystals

Every classical tradition in antiquity acknowledged that everything originates from a singular point of creation (God in the Bible, Wuji in Taoism, Brahma in Ayurveda, The ONE in Greek mythology, and so on).  From this singular point of origin in the mind of God, the creative spiritual forces manifest, which shape our physical world.  Crystals in the physical world are literally crystalized Thought-forms from the mind of God.   These thoughtforms are translated in reality of the lower worlds (i.e. the physical plane of nature where we exist) through the creative forces imparted by the nine ranks of higher Angelic beings. In turn these crystals serve as their sense organs.  In his online course, “How to use Crystals and Gemstones,” Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, founder of the Vesica Institute (www.vesica.org), quoted Rudolf Steiner’s explanation of this phenomenon:

“”Our sense organs are therefore receiving with, but do not receive themselves. The same applies to the angels and the mineral world. Their sense organs are to be found in the mineral physical world. Our precious stones are the angels ‘sense’ organs! Precious stones are the secret instrument with which angels receive.”

Minerals are the foundation from which all physical matter is formed (including our DNA!)  They are also the most stable forms of vital energy in existence.  Whereas the vital energy from a freshly-cut medicinal herb dissipates in a matter of days (which is why their essence is extracted into “essential oils”), a stone can hold its core vibration for literally millions, if not BILLIONS of years.  When we tap into the energetic emanations of these crystals, we can directly communicate with the higher angelic forces that brought them into existence. 

Vibrational Testing of our Crystals

By using   Radiesthesia, we are able to directly detect the energetic qualities emanating from our crystals, using methods taught by Dr. Gilbert in his online course “The Universal Vibrational Spectrum.”  Each of these 12 bands of the spectrum of life-forces have unique properties and functions.  For instance, the   that we stock is strong in the Black vibration, which gives it the power to absorb detrimental vibrations, when properly instructed by its user.     also contains the Black vibration; however, Indigo Gabbro also contains Violet and Indigo bands of the spectrum, AND the vibrational quality of the Universal Centering Vibration (literally found in the center of all shapes and objects, chakras, acupressure points, and sacred power-spots).  This alchemical blend of vibrations gives Indigo Gabbro the unique ability to draw in detrimental vibrations and transmute them into the Centering Vibration.  This makes it the closest thing to a “self-clearing” stone in existence (it is still a good idea to clear it periodically under running water to remove surface contaminants, such as dust.

Not only does Vibrational Radiesthesia allow us to test for the beneficial horizontal waves of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum (UVS), we can also test for the Vertical waves of the UVS, which are generally harmful to biological life.  Currently, many crystals and gemstones are artificial treated with gamma radiation to deepen their color, making them more visually appealing to unsuspecting customers.  Amethyst is one example.  While this radiation may not show up on a Geiger counter, this vibrational signature remains in the crystalline structure.  This shows up as Vertical Negative Green (VNG) when measured with radiesthesia.  VNG is an extremely toxic vibration and is the primary vibrational signature present in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and WiFi Radiation.  Many crystals are also artificially heat-treated in high-temperature electric ovens.  Roughly 80% of Citrine on the market today is heat-treated Amethyst.  This process cracks the internal matrix of the affected crystals and drives the water out of them, effectively eliminating its ability to conduct the flow of energy.

Heat-treated “Citrine” vs. Natural Citrine: Notice the “burnt” orange color of the heat-treat Amethyst compared to the yellow color of natural Citrine.

At GHVM, we vibrationally test all of our crystals before stocking them, to ensure they are untreated and authentic.  Apart from the Vesica Institute, where we learned this technique, we know of no other vendors who take the time to test their crystals.


Crystals can offer many healing opportunities, allow us to connect to spiritual beings and higher states of consciousness.  However it is important to know where your crystals come from, and that they are free from potentially harmful artificial treatments.  We invite you to check out our entire collection of crystals in our shop and feel the difference for yourself.

*Note: this blog post is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as medical advice.

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