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What is Vibrational Radiesthesia?

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At Grand Harmony Vibrational Medicine, we use a little-known, but powerful technique called Vibrational Radiesthesia to directly test for imbalances in the energy fields of our members enrolled in our healing offerings.  But what is Vibrational Radiesthesia?

The term Radiesthesia essentially means, the detection of subtle radiation (radiation meaning the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium).

Using a pendulum, it is possible to tune into any subtle vibration emanating from a person, place, or object, animate or inanimate.  The user begins by holding a pendulum string in the dominant hand with their thumb and index finger, giving the pendulum a nudge to induce a back-and-forth motion, referred to in Radiesthesia testing as the “search position.” The user simultaneously and incrementally lowers the pendulum and string, until they feel a pull on the string and the pendulum begins to rotate clockwise.  At this point the user has achieved a resonant connection between their own energy field and the field of the object being measured, with the pendulum and string serving as an antenna linking the two energy systems.  This concept is similar to the way a whip antenna is tuned to a specific length to receive (resonate with) a specific wavelength frequency which serves a specific function (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The use of a pendulum length to measure a specific vibration is similar to the way a whip antenna, tuned to a specific length absorbs the resonate wave frequency.

However, it is important to note that with Vibrational Radiesthesia, we are measuring the vibrational quality of the object, i.e., all vibrations in resonance with the primary wavelength.  We will address this topic in a later blog post.


Vibrational Radiesthesia (i.e., Physical Dowsing) vs. Mental Dowsing

Oftentimes Vibrational Radiesthesia is confused with the much more well-known use of pendulums, called mental dowsing, which involves programming a pendulum to give yes or no answers and asking questions to one’s sub-conscious.  If done correctly, this can also be a powerful tool.  However, it requires significant work on one’s higher mental faculties, to avoid the subjective influence of one’s ego. 


An Almost Forgotten Ancient Science

While relatively unknown today, this advanced vibrational science has been practiced for 1000s of years in the inner circles of the great Mystery Schools of classical traditions.  It is well understood that the culture with the deepest understanding of these subtle vibrations was Ancient Egypt.  This science remained unknown to the public until the early 1900’s when a French-speaking Jesuit priest from Switzerland, named Abbe Mermet, began publishing books on his successful application of Vibrational Radiesthesia to find missing persons, lost items, and even prospecting for underground mineral deposits and potable water.  Mermet’s seminal works served as the foundation for the discovery of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum by French researchers in the 1930’s, and for the discovery of the vibration of the Divine Center of creation (trademarked as the Biogeometry three, or BG3), by professor of architecture and Egyptologist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt.  We will discuss the Universal Vibrational Spectrum and Biogeometry in future blog posts.


Applications of Vibrational Radiesthesia in Vibrational Medicine

 Vibrational Radiesthesia has countless applications, but perhaps its most important utility in modern times is its ability to help practitioners tune into the “personal wavelength (think of this as the energetic fingerprint of a subject)” and navigate the subtle bodies of willing participants to determine imbalances in organs and which vibrational inputs will correct the imbalances.  Vibrational Radiesthesia is also a powerful tool to determine if a supplement or medication is having the desired healing effect on an organ, or if it is doing more harm than good. 

Vibrational Radiesthesia will be an important tool in the future for creating custom healing solutions and is one reason it is a primary tool at Grand Harmony Vibrational Medicine to track the progress of members in their healing journey.

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