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What is Vibrational Radiesthesia? Pt. 2

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In part one, we discussed the work of Abbe Mermet and how his published literature opened the eyes of the public to the possibilities offered by vibrational radiesthesia.  Researchers in France recognized the implications of Physical Radiesthesia and adapted Mermet’s measurement techniques to discover the hidden formative forces that create and sustain everything in our world.

Louis Turenne

Louis Turenne was a professor in radio engineering, and an instructor for the French military.  Turenne understood through his work studying radio wave technology that we are surrounded by a sea of invisible waves, beyond the perception of our sensory organs, which only enter our awareness after we’ve developed instrumentation to measure them.  Turenne’s work laid the foundation for the discovery of the universal vibrational spectrum, and he developed some of the first tools to detect it.

Turenne developed a set of pendulums, whose points were cut to specific angles which resonate with specific vibrations of the spectrum.  

To understand this law, let us examine the way white light passing through a prism causes the light to refract (bend).  Each band of the visible light spectrum (red, orange, yellow, etc) bends at a different angle (a function of their individual wavelengths), causing the bands to separate when passing through the prism. 

Figure 1: The Refraction of White Light Through a Glass Prism Divides into Individual Colors of the Visible Light Spectrum.


Turenne use the measured angle of each color to create a pendulum for each of the bands of the visible spectrum.  He then extrapolated that each color’s associated angle was a function of the sympathetic resonance between it and that color.  This demonstrates that the law of sympathetic resonance or “similars” extends beyond sound, as shown in Figure 3.  We will discuss the deeper implications of this discovery in a future blog post.

Figure 3: Graphic Representation of The Law of Sympathetic Resonance

Turenne also conducted extensive research differentiating beneficial and harmful subtle vibrations.  Turenne distinguished waves traveling in a vertical direction from those traveling along a horizontal plane and found that with few exceptions, waves traveling horizontally benefit biological life, and waves traveling in a vertically tended to be harmful.  For example, medicinal herbs, untreated crystals etc. transmit beneficial, horizontal waves, whereas toxins, non-potable water, inedible mushrooms, even cancer and pathogenic micro-organisms can all be categorized by their vertical wave emanations. 

Further, Turenne spent much of his time researching waves emanating from specific shapes and ancient symbol, which he and other French researchers referred to as “shape-caused waves.”  Turenne’s research into shape-caused waves indicated that ancient civilizations, such as China, Mesopotamia, the Ayurvedic tradition in India, and ancient Egypt had an in-depth understanding of these subtle vibrations and used them for healing and spiritual initiation.  We should be aware, as a sidenote, that this information was kept secret, and reserved only for initiates of the schools of initiation, which is why we don’t see many written records of their methods and existence.  

Turenne’s discoveries were an important first step in identifying the formative forces that create our physical reality.  Andre De Balezal and Leon Chaumery expanded Turenne’s research by identifying and applying the 12th and final band of the spectrum: Negative Green.

De Belizal and Chaumery

Andre De Belizal and Leon Chaumery expanded upon the 11 colors of the spectrum identified by Turenne: Black, Infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, ultraviolet, white, and the unidentified 12th band, which Turenne labeled infra-black/white. 

Turenne identified these colors using a linear scale. 

Figure 2: Example of Color Distribution on Linear Scale

De Belizal and Chaumery began exploring how these forces propagated around geometric forms, particularly circles on a 2D plane and Spheres on a 3D level.  In sacred geometry, the sphere is considered a perfect form, because all points are equidistant from the center.  These researchers found that where the primary ray of energy hit impacted the shape (the geo-magnetic force emanating from the north on a circle, and sunlight shining on a sphere), the vibration of green appeared, and the other 12 colors propagated evenly around the tested shape.  They found that directly opposite of green, a mysterious invisible wave appeared.  Owing to this position directly opposite of green, De Belizal and Chaumery named this force “Negative Green.”  Negative Green is not inherently “bad,” as the “Negative” aspect of the vibration may imply.  In fact, the horizontal wave of the vibration is quite beneficial and is one of the three components of the vibration of the Center, trademarked by the discoverer Dr. Ibrahim Karim as “BG3,” or the “BioGeometry 3.”  However, as will all vibrations on the spectrum, Negative Green has both beneficial and detrimental qualities.  While the horizontal band is beneficial, the vertical band, referred to as “Vertical Negative Green or VNG” in Radiesthesia is the most detrimental band in the spectrum.  Whereas the Green vibration can be considered the vibration of growth and life, VNG is associated with the “death” process on the physical plane of existence.  VNG is also the vibrational quality associated with the detrimental aspects of Electro-Magnetic and microwave radiations, and can even be detected in negative thoughts, emotions, cancers and other diseases. 

De Belizal and Chaumery also expanded upon Turenne’s concept of “waves of form” and found that hemispheres and pyramids created a powerful ray of Negative Green energy from their base.  However, when these forms are not corrected, they send rays of both horizontal and vertical waves of Negative Green.  De Belizal and Chaurmery were unaware of this fact, at the time, and ultimately this factor ended the life of De Belizal, who was found by Chaumery hunched over his desk in a mummified state.


The Discoveries of Dr. Ibrahim Karim and BioGeometry

The death of Chaumery, and the onset of WWII, effectively ended the research and exploration of these subtle energies and their qualitative aspects.  That was until 1973, when Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt made a trip to Paris, France, seeking a deeper understanding of Vibrational Radiesthesia, introduced to him by a friend, who used the science in his medical practice.  Dr. Karim received a treasure trove of classic radiesthesic texts from Paris France. 

Dr. Karim’s study of the 12 bands of the vibrational spectrum and the way they form around the periphery of a circle inspired the question, “What is the energy that emanates from the center.”  This question led to the arguably the most important discovery the history of Vibrational Radiesthesia: the BG3TM, or the BioGeometry Three, AKA, the vibration of the Divine center of creation.

Dr. Karim named this energetic discovery the BG3, owing to the three energetic components that composes it: a higher harmonic of ultraviolet, a higher harmonic of gold, and the powerful spiritual carrier wave, negative green.


This energy quality literally manifests in the center of any geometric shape or object, the center of any biological cell, our joints, our energy centers of our bodies (known as the chakras in the Ancient Indian Tradition,) the meridian pathways mapped out in ancient China, and a myriad of other ways.

Dr. Karim has endeavored over the past 50 years to advance the energetic science of BioGeometry and create applications and tools that was the first solution to successfully transmute the detrimental vibrational qualities emanating from our modern technology.  BioGeometry has also succeeded in other applications including agriculture, structuring water, reducing the thermal effect of cellphones, and even Hepatitis C research2

Vibrational Radiesthesia and BioGeometry have the potential to revolutionize our existence.  The pioneering research of Turenne, De Belizal, Chaumery, and Dr. Karim have paved the way for breakthroughs in energy, medicine, and our understanding of ancient history.  This ancient science, if used for the greater good, will transform lives and is applicable to every aspect of our life.  Imagine living in a home built to proportions that resonate with the subtle vibrational qualities of the divine center of creation; the same vibrational quality found in ancient, sacred power spots around the world.  One can literally measure, and replicate these qualities in furniture, electronic devices.  We no longer have to embark on a 1000-mile pilgrimage to a sacred site to experience these profound healing benefits.  A coffee table built to specific dimensions and proportions will emanate this same subtle vibration.  Indeed, many students of BioGeometry, including Randy Peterson, the founder of Grand Harmony Vibrational Medicine, already have!  Here at GHVM, we are committed to raising awareness around this exciting and innovative qualitative science and look forward to contributing our own research and products to this field of study.  The future is bright for Humanity

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