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Obsidian Pendants


Obsidian is one of the premier stones containing the black vibration from the Universal Vibrational Spectrum.  Obsidian has the capacity to absorb and hold in its structure considerable amounts of detrimental vibrations from sources such as thought-forms, entities, and environmental toxins.  

Obsidian acts as a diversionary target and energetic “black hole” when instructed properly.  Wearing an Obsidian pendant will absorb detrimental vibrations from the wearer’s external environment that would have otherwise been absorbed into the user’s energy field.

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Obsidian can cause a healing crisis if users are not prepared for its strong effects.  Do not place in center of chest for people with anxiety.  Obsidian is appropriate for short-term use, and acute conditions.


*Disclaimer: These statements and descriptions are based on observations from Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Testing.  They are intended only for members of our private association and should not be construed as medical claims or advice offered to the public.

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