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Citrine is well-known in stone circles for its link to wealth and prosperity.  With its strong emanation of the orange band on the emotional plane of nature, Citrine breaks up negative emotional blockages, which can keep us from feeling worthy of feeling abundance.  

Citrine is also emits a strong yellow vibration.  The yellow band of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum initiates and cements processes.  Citrine’s yellow color also has an affinity with the Earth element in Chinese medicine, which is associated with the Spleen and Stomach, making it a great crystal to work with for people with poor digestion, bloating and flatulence. 

Citrine is also used in Daoist Stone Medicine for patients with fatigue and lethargy, owing to its uplifting, warming, and cheerful energy.

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Natural Citrine is increasingly difficult to source today.  It’s estimated that roughly 90% is actually Amethyst that has been artificially heat-treated in electric ovens.  If you see “Citrine” that has a “burnt orange” color on a white matrix, this is typically a clear indication that it is not natural.  Artificial heat treatment also drives water out of the stone, and cracks its internal matrix, which destroys any energetic benefits the Amethyst once had.  Grand Harmony Vibrational Medicine tests all of our Citrine for vibrational and visual markers of heat treatment and only sources and stocks natural Citrine.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause Citrine to fade and weaken its energetic vibration.  Store Citrine away from sunlight when not in use.


*Disclaimer: These statements and descriptions are based on observations from Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Testing.  They are intended only for members of our private association, and should not be construed as medical claims or advice offered to the public.

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