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4 Ethers Vibrational Medicine and Research

pioneers holistic wellness through innovative vibrational medicine, unlocking new dimensions of well-being and vitality.

4 Ethers Vibrational Medicine and Research

Are you seeking alternative and complementary healing methods for pain and stress relief? Or perhaps you’re on the path to recovery after an injury? At 4 Ethers, we understand your unique journey toward holistic well-being.

Our approach is grounded in science, offering vibrational medicine that combines the power of sound, light, and microcurrent therapy. We use cutting-edge technology to harness the harmonizing qualities of sound frequencies, specifically tailored to match the resonance of healthy cells, tissues, and organs in your body. Unlike traditional methods, our AMI-850 device
delivers highly specific frequencies transdermally, a result of over two decades of clinical research and innovation.

Experience the difference that Cymatherapy can make in your life. These vibrational frequencies,once used to heal a racehorse’s 90% tendon tear without leaving a trace of scar tissue, can now contribute to your journey to well-being.

Our logo colors, a blend of green and navy blue, represent growth, healing, and depth. The incorporation of sound waves symbolizes our unique “Sound” approach to health and wellness.
Join us on this extraordinary path that unites holistic well-being with scientific rigor. At 4 Ethers, we’re here to guide you through a journey of vibrational medicine and holistic wellness.

Discover the resonance of well-being today.

Our Mission

To restore and boost your body's inherent healing ability using sound, light and microcurrent frequencies.

Our Motto

Helping your body heal itself.


Our Founder

Randy Peterson, the visionary founder behind the groundbreaking 4 Ethers Vibrational Medicine, is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare. His journey began with a profound realization: our current healthcare system primarily addresses physical symptoms while overlooking the profound impact of mental, emotional, and spiritual factors on our well-being.

As a licensed Cymatherapy Practitioner, Randy harnesses the healing power of the AMI-850 sound device. This remarkable technology emits audible frequencies that resonate with the health of cells, tissues, and organs, addressing a wide spectrum of health conditions.

In addition to his sound healing expertise, Randy is a trained I-Ching consultant, offering members profound insights into their life’s purpose, unique gifts, and growth opportunities on their life's journey.

Further expanding his holistic approach, Randy is also a licensed Associate Practitioner of Bio Geometry Environmental Home Solutions. He expertly transforms homes and workplaces into harmonious environments by strategically placing shapes that align with the centering vibration, promoting well-being on all levels.

Driven by his own transformative healing journey and profound spiritual growth, Randy passionately shares these offerings. He believes that, like himself, members can experience the profound benefits of these transformative practices.

Discover the healing potential of your own body by joining us today and embark on your own journey of holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

*Randy Peterson is not a licensed medical professional. At no point does he, 4 Ethers Vibrational Medicine, or any of our affiliates make any medical claims.

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